Thursday, December 8, 2011

NYE and X-Mas Sale on originals and Giclees!

Figured I would try and clear up some inventory if anyone wants to pick up some high res stretched canvas Giclee prints while partying in Atlanta for New Years.  I will also ship any of these for $10 for anyone who wants unique hand crafted Christmas presents!

(if unfamiliar with canvas Giclee prints, basically the top of the line archival printing, which is then stretched on frames like original canvas paintings are.  My paintings are photographed by a professional and are incredibly similar to the original)

***All listed prices are $25 to $50 off normal list price***
***If original is for sale, I will list that sale price as well***

The Seer - 24x24

Ancient Energy - 18x36

High Priestess - 14x36
Original is 18"x48" - Sale Price $600 ($150 off list price)

Mayaverse Memory - 20x31
Original is 29"x48" - Sale Price $750

Black Rock Galaxy 1 - 15x30

Black Rock Galaxy 2 - 5x30

Black Rock Galaxy 3 - 20x25
Original is same size - $400 ($100 off list price)

Aqua Vibrations - 16x36

Space Woofers - 18x30

Celestial Totem - 8x37
Original is same size - $600 ($150 off list price)

Gate Keeper - 32.5x19   - Custum built frame made to fit the shape perfectly

Crystal Cowgirls - 22x30

****Other originals for sale****
The Dark Princess - 12x24
$200 ($50 off list price)

Bitch Please - 12x20   -  On shaped board
$125 ($50 off list price)

Lady of the Lake - 12x28
$250 ($50 off list price)

Almost all of these are live paintings, to view who I painted them with please check out .
Email me at  if your interested in anything.  The Giclee's are limited editions of 25.  Each one has a small certificate which is signed and numbered.
We will also have a 3 color 9"x24" screen printed poster in Atlanta for New Years, and I will be doing a large colab with Andrew Wagner at the afterparties on 12/29 and 12/30. 

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