Saturday, May 14, 2011

Black Rock Galaxy Part 2

Started this painting at a Green House Lounge show about a month ago.  The show had a really low turnout, and the beer was $5 a pitcher so I decided after an hour to just party with my girl so its been sitting unfinished.  Had the day off today and it rained so I sat down and finished this guy.
Basic story, last time we cut down a huge 4ft by 8ft piece of masonite to make boards out of we had this awkward 5" by 30" strip left that I thought was such a strange proportion that I had to do something with it.  So from that came this painting, decided to revisit some of the motifs from my earlier painting "Black Rock Galaxy"

This is 5" by 30" on a framed masonite board.  Acrylic, ink and some cut paper.  Also a couple close ups to show the incredible paper textures.
This piece is for sale for $150.  Also due to unforseen financial situation, the original Black Rock Galaxy piece is also back on the market for $250.  Here is an image.
This is 15" by 30", acrylic ink and cut paper on framed masonite.

Feel free to email me at for inquiries.

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