Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 New Paintings + STS9 Tshirt submission

This first painting was done at "Weapons of Mass Distraction", a fund raiser gallery/concert in Savannah with Up Until Now, Monozygotic, and Dope Dialect.  I got to hang about 10 paintings in the gallery and do a live painting for the show,  all proceeds went to Red Cross Japan.
This one is 36" by 12", acrylic, ink and a little mixed media paper on framed masonite.

Colors are a little off in this photo, hopefully I can get high res scans of both these paintings soon b'c of there size.

This next one is my submission to the STS9 "Life" T-shirt contest.  My basic theme was Japanese wood block print/caligraphy.  The symbols stand for "Ki Shi Kai Sei" which literally means to wake from death and return to life.  The dark red ink was chosen to represent the same iron that is in both our blood and the soil which gives them both the red color.

This last painting was done with EOTO and Zebbler Encanti Experience, who are an awesome DJ/VJ group.  I decided to take my t-shirt idea and expand it into a live painting to give it some more life.  This one is 12" by 24" - acrylic and ink on framed masonite, with a touch of aerosal.

Thanks for checking out the new stuff, both paintings are for sale, PM me for info or drop me a line at
Theres a possibility of getting some shirts made if my design doesnt get picked, with out using my caligraphy sts9 logo, but something different. 

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